Our family has always loved dogs. Pembroke corgis have been part of our lives for over forty years. After several decades of loving golden retrievers we no longer breed them but maintain an active interest through our association with Linda and Ian Olsen (Goldbrior) who have descendants of our boy Linus. The miracle of frozen semen technology has allowed the continuation of wonderful Nortonwood lines as Linus's sire, Nortonwood Squire, was a litter brother of the famous English Champion N. Silvanus.

The dogs and I have a wonderful life on a twenty acre property just outside of Oberon NSW where there are plenty of opportunities to run and play in the paddocks, the Campbells River and our large trout stocked dam. Over the past couple of years we have shown our dogs internationally and have appreciated the opportunity to meet other enthusiasts and make sure that our dogs are competitive with the best in the world. Having said that we must make it clear that success in the show ring is not the highest priority for us. Our aim is to breed sound, happy, attractive Welsh pembroke corgis - ideally suited for all purposes and environments. I am only able to travel to shows when I have the support of family and friends to help with our animals.

We occasionally have puppies available to suitable new homes and go to considerable lengths to prepare them for the best possible adjustment to their new lives. All dogs that leave us are happy, healthy and emotionally secure. They are not available to anyone who cannot provide them with the same level of care, love and safety that they have with us.